Why Local SEO is No Longer an Option

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Why Local SEO is No Longer an Option

image-online-marketing-local-seo | Profit Now Solutions, LLC Gone are the days when small mom and pop stores are the only ones that benefit from local search engine optimization (SEO). This 2017 and in the years to come most businesses can greatly benefit from local SEO. For example, a business owner like you located in or around the Atlanta GA area would benefit by getting more local customers with minimal effort and expense over the long run.

Local SEO is the process of configuring your online presence so your intended customers are more likely to find you rather than your larger competitors – in other words, search engine optimization specialized for local businesses to get more local customers. Part of this optimization is to properly target the geography of your local customers.

The good news is there is no need for you as the business owner to be tech savvy to get more local customers. With the help of a reliable and professional internet marketing consulting services firm such as Profit Now Solutions, LLC, you can take your business to the next level achieving the kind of success you have always dreamed of.

Here are the top reasons why local SEO is no longer an option fundamental to any local business’s marketing plan regardless of size or niche.

Google Loves Local Businesses

Through the years Google has been known to show favoritism toward smaller, newer, and more agile companies. Even though its rankings are still based on the authority and history of a particular brand, Google also aims to give people exactly what they need and want with online search results. This is where SERP (search engine results position) comes into play for you as the business owner. The goal is to get to the top of the list.

Search engine optimization provides a great opportunity for small business owners, who usually have very limited access to critical resources, to break new ground in their respective markets. Google and Bing alike continue develop several free tools for business owners in an effort to help improve their online presence and visibility.

Better and More Individualized Results are Made Possible

Individualized results are exactly what Google want to give to its users. Despite the current limits on its customized and predictive search features, Google manages to generate specific results based on the user. Provided that you are logged into your Google account, your geographic location and search history affect the types of result you see.

With the continuous development of Google and with users craving for more individualized results, the need for local SEO continues to grow bigger and better by the day.

Mobile Devices and Wearables are on the Rise

Statistic: Local search query volume in the United States from 2014 to 2019, by platform (in billions) | Statista People are staying connected on the go. There is a definite increase in the percentage of online searches done using mobile devices as people are more on the go than ever before. According to Statista.com, 97.4 billion local search queries came from mobile devices in 2016 accounting 60% of local searches compared to desktop and is expected to grow reach 113.2 billiion in 2017. As wearables are introduced, users are also expected to use on the go searches more frequently, especially for immediate needs. Ask a professional business management consultant in Peachtree City and they will surely tell you that proximity-based searches increase daily and local searches are going to depend on hyper-specific locations instead of just a neighborhood or regional specific basis.

Undeniable Competition

Each year, millions of websites are launched and thousands of new businesses are established in every corner of the world. Yes, competition is increasing and as a business owner, you have to look for smaller target niches for you to create more relevant visibility. Among the most effective ways of doing this is local optimization. Sure, you can and should continue to spend money on paid advertising services. But the beauty of local SEO is the opportunity to capture more local customers organically. In other words, have more customers to find you outside of your paid advertising dollars.

Local SEO is the best kept secret your top competitors and larger companies have held onto for years. Part of it has to do with budgets, resources, and know how. However, over time the available tools and resources have become more affordable to smaller local businesses (yours) with the help of your local marketing consulting firm in Peachtree City GA.

Seeing is Believing – Try it for Yourself

coincidence that the bigger companies tend to dominate to the top of the list (first page results). They are able to accomplish this through effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And now so can you.

Where do you rank when people search for your types of products and services? Try searching for keywords or keyword phrases relevant to your business. For example, if you are a tire shop in Fairburn, open a web browser and type in something like “tire shops near me” or “car tires Fairburn”.

  • How’d you do? Did you show up on the first page? How about the second page? Third page?
  • Who are your customers seeing when they are looking for your type of business?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if it were your business sitting closer to the top?

Try out our Free SEO Scorecard below to see where you rank – click here

Good news: You too can get your business ranking higher when people search for what you have to offer. Local SEO will steer them your way when they are either physically nearby or searching nearby your area. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Local SEO no longer an option but necessary to successfully getting more local customers.

Don’t just settle for your existing marketing and paid advertising. Give it a boost by going local to grow your business sooner rather than later!

Why wait? Profit now! Profit Now Solutions, LLC. Make more. Keep more.

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